China’s virus.

We do not have time to reel from that fact that China is rolling out both virus variants and vaccines, selling both poison and antidote at the same time.

Nonetheless, we need to get vaccinated, for herd immunity, to protect each other. For now, because we already have poison, we’ll take the antidote.

We do not have the time to reel from the fact that China openly declared they did it. China did it, they are confident they will be able to forever continue doing it, and wanted us to know.

This. This is good news.

This means that not all pharmaceutical companies are in Big Pharma.

There are scientists all over the world — molecular genetics scissoring experts, examining the virus, breaking their backs to figure out a way to create vaccines that can counter not only the current variant, but all future variants.

I repeat.

3 child policy. China’s 3 child policy announced 30 May 2021, D.C. time.

China is playing both sides. The Illuminati’s and their own.

This is about cultural curation. Man curating evolution.

Do you think that because China launched Binance that they no longer care about their cultural heritage and pride? Why does the Great Wall of China’s Internet still exist? Why the undying insistence on Chinese as their primary language, and the reluctance to educate their youths in English?

They’re playing both sides.

Back to evolutionary curation.

1 in 20 fatality rate in China from Covid.

1 in 4 fatality rate worldwide from Covid.

They abhor Anglosaxon cultures. They have complete indifference towards other cultures, India, Africa, etc.



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Melissa Enders

Melissa Enders

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed. -Ernest Hemingway.