Children who read my page, please show this to your parents and guardians when you are very scared. Please show it to them if you have any of these feelings:

I have to break my silence once again.

I’m in immense pain because I can feel the mass trauma especially that of young children who cannot stop watching my videos.

They did not listen to me. I don’t blame anyone for not listening to me.

The timing of it. Many…

See the problem?

It’s linked to global supply chains.

Who, which conglomerate has access to top class global supply chains, and which don’t?

Private companies. Not governments.

This is why the White House has announced the expansion to 24/7 at the port of Los Angeles, to begin.


The past fortnight, I have been aware that videos of me have been uploaded onto my page.

For 2 days, I have gone back and forth on whether or not to tell you this.

There are children reading my page.

I have no choice now.

The second last video I…

What a beautiful picture of Sam’s granddaughter carefree, running straight towards a scent so much richer than any perfume could create. Nature’s breath.

Some children live and breathe the outdoors.

Some with wild imaginations or difficult childhoods create fantasy worlds which keep them safe. And nothing wrong with that.


I have underestimated my godparents so severely.

My excuse? What’s my goddamn excuse?

Trauma? Distance? Time?

I trusted them with all my heart the minute I met them. It was such a moment, the day I moved into their home.


Connie baked an apple pie.

I’m sure many have…

I have been reading this book: The Adventures of Alexander Von Humboldt by Andrew Wulf and Lillian Melcher.

He has written many scientific journals, but they decided to create a picture book detailing his adventures. In his writings, drawings, sketches, comics, and occasional use of Dada art, I can sense…

If you are reading this, you are still here, for now.

This war is not for the faint-hearted.

I talked about how freedom was an uphill battle.

Freedom is an uphill battle, completely brutal and violent, but if we want some of it now, heck, we can always go downtown…

I love this one.

Autoplay off.

Damn my night terrors.

Damn my feeling sorry for myself.

How dare I think that a fucking lizard would ever stop me from working on what’s burning in my heart?

I felt sorry for myself only because I thought I could no longer work.

You’re right.

“Last of the Sun” was not Sam, either.

This is Sam:

He has a self-deprecating feel to him, yet firmly warning everyone that the lizard man can see into every single person’s homes, every single person’s phones.

This, however, was not Sam:

Melissa Enders

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed. -Ernest Hemingway.

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