Sam Neill and Nicholas Meyer.

No, you both do not get to go off being bad people.


Sam, try again.

Nick — —

I will read your book. I will write about it.

It will take me some time.

I know you will stop Pierce from releasing another Not For Tourists.

It does not matter if he does in private. They do not get to use him as a mascot publicly.

If he does, it’s on your honour.



David led me, over the years, to believe that he was doing something to counter malignant AI.

There were many cryptic things he said that sounded like he was doing something important.

And I thought he was doing it, for a time.

At some point I realised he wasn’t.

We were going through something, all of us, and I decided not to talk about Quadrant for the time being.

I wrote the numbers to test if they’d be scared.

Sophia referenced Quadrant.

I’m so sorry.

I wish it was real too.

David is a liar.



Melissa Enders

Melissa Enders

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed. -Ernest Hemingway.